Week 10: Viva Cristo Rey!

Much like my first week at Cristo Rey, this week has been full of activity as the teachers and freshman class are back in the building to complete their two weeks of business training. It feels very full circle that both my first and last weeks here were bustling with people and activities. Seeing students back in the building makes it even harder to leave!

Even though it was my last week and I had time to break out of my normal routine and visit business training classes, I still spent a lot of time putting the final touches on the oral history project. I even was able to present a little preview of the oral history collection to the Cristo Rey teachers, who all seemed really excited with the final product. I hope it attracts lots of listeners! You can even listen here: https://soundcloud.com/vivacristoreycbus 

I am so grateful I had the chance to work at Cristo Rey Columbus this summer. Some of my goals that I discussed with my supervisor at the beginning of the Fellowship included feeling as if my final projects truly contributed to the mission at Cristo Rey and feeling like a professional rather than a student. I feel confident that I have achieved both of these goals, and developed many more skills along the way. This summer I was able to dive into the world of development by learning about marketing, communications, and event planning. I also was so lucky to be placed at a high school and receive more exposure to K12 education. I am more confident than ever in my hopes to pursue non-profit work that focuses on improving educational outcomes post-graduation. 

Thank you to all who have supported me throughout this summer! The entire staff at Cristo Rey were so gracious in welcoming me to the team and supporting my work. I am especially thankful for Rachel Miller, my supervisor, and Carly Miller, the Assistant Director of Development. Both of them made me feel like part of the Development team and always were there to guide me when I needed help. Also, thank you to the Dr. Lomax, Melissa McCool, and the Columbus Foundation for this opportunity. This summer has shaped me in ways I never could have imagined. Viva Cristo Rey!

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