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Capstone and Goodbye

I am sitting at my desk, here in my third-floor cubicle at the Vineyard Community Center, for my final day as a fellow here. Yesterday, a new intern on our floor was being introduced to the third-floor tenants; it’s hard to believe … Continue reading


9 Weeks In

Nine weeks of the summer fellowship is in the books. One week left. Where did the summer go? In hindsight, it has been a productive, didactic, albeit short, experience with the Vineyard Community Center. In this penultimate work week, I … Continue reading

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An Unfortunate Turn of Events

I have a habit of planning out my week each Sunday night or Monday morning. This includes mapping out the work I plan on completing each day, despite the invariable failure of these plans, I continue to construct one nearly every … Continue reading

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Not So Casual Reading

In order to best serve people, requisite knowledge and understanding of that people must first be obtained. Much like a doctor cannot best treat and aid a patient without knowing his or her health record and status, an immigration attorney … Continue reading

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This past week, Vineyard hosted an international conference that garnered attendees from all across the United States, as well as from dozens of countries around the globe. In all, over 2500 individuals attended the week long event, hailing from as close … Continue reading

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Five weeks in. The fellowship has reached its midway point. Wow. Didn’t we just get started? There is still so much I would like to learn and do with my host site, and it is a painful realization that my … Continue reading

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It’s All Worthwhile

My work week was consumed by my desk phone, as I spoke with the representatives of our legal software program, and one hour bled into two, and then three, and then a day, and so on. I am working to … Continue reading

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