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Armchair Musings from Green Columbus

Hello again! The days are just flying by! Only two weeks left at Green Columbus and it feels like just yesterday that I started my fellowship here. Its hard to fight off the sentimental thoughts as I curl up in … Continue reading

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Hello! Another great week at Green Columbus has seemed to fly by! But as usual, there is much to report! Erin and I have decided to hold a pre-meeting meeting around mid-August to help plan our official first meeting of … Continue reading

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Getting our Collaboration On!

Hello! So sorry for the delay in last week’s post! The reason this post is so late is because we have added a new member to our collaborative team! Leslie Strader works with the Mayor’s office and she is also working … Continue reading

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Central Ohio Green Schools Initiative-On the Move!

Hello! This post is a little late-the past few days have been busy busy! Its official! We have three schools that have confirmed to attend the first meeting of the Central Ohio Green Schools Initiative in September!! These special three … Continue reading

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Another Week at Green Columbus!

Hello! Week three at Green Columbus was all about the nuts and bolts of our Green Schools Initiative Program. I spent most of my time continuing to gather data for the school systems around Central Ohio we are inviting to … Continue reading

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Changes at Green Columbus!

As my second week at Green Columbus wraps up, there is so much to report! Perhaps most significantly, my project has completely changed! Our initial plan to design and implement a supplemental environmental education program for local elementary schools has been totally scraped-after … Continue reading

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My First Week at Green Columbus!

Hello! It was a great first week at Green Columbus! I spent the first few days getting acquainted with the office (its wonderfully cozy!) and my new responsibilities! Erin Chacey, my supervisor, had a great meeting this week to review my first round … Continue reading

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