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A Week Later…

Hello, hello! So, this is end. The final blog, the final pictures, the final witty (or so I thought) words for my summer. Let’s rewind a few days aallll the way back to August 5th. Long story short, it was … Continue reading

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“Miss Ana!”

“The greatest resource that any country can have is its children” -Danny Kaye That quote was stolen off the door an incredible youth manager who is now on her way to Cambodia. It embodies every aspect of my passion for … Continue reading

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*Eye catching title*

This week I’ve felt like a baby bird being pushed out of the nest to learn to fly. Our Youth Program Manager, Brittany, has officially completed her last week at ETSS. I have been passed on all reports, past agendas, … Continue reading

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Absolutely nothing goes as planned.

Week 5?! Holy smokes, times is flying by! This week has been just as eventful as any other with maybe a pinch more of anxiety. We are officially wrapping up all that is after-school programming, including the newsletter, which I … Continue reading

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“Will the Political Climate Effect This?”

Usually my posts are a very light-heart read make you (or at least I hope) smile because of the beautiful things happening with ETSS. I promise the end of this blog will return that, but I have to get something … Continue reading

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“I get told ‘I love you’, at least once a week.”

What has two thumbs, made over 300  name tags from scratch, fixed multiple bus crises, eaten a full vegan lunch, created a newsletter, sent out minutes of multiple meetings, helped stuff coolers in a small Honda, copied and laminated 128 … Continue reading

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If you love a flower, don’t pick it.

Let me drop a beautiful quote on y’all. “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower” -Alexander Den Heijer. Yesterday I was able to spend most of my day at the West … Continue reading

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