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In the Shadows of Self

Time for a pre-conclusion wrap-up—I’ll owe the blogosphere one more post by Friday. Whether an intended consequence or inadvertent result of The Columbus Foundation’s Fellowship, I’ve discovered Columbus in a fresh way this summer. I’m not going to defend the … Continue reading

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A Wallraising in the Sun

Yesterday marked my first exposure to the raw side of Habitat’s mission. The curious partition between my daily work and the common perception of Habitat for Humanity is testament to the stark division of labor, if nothing else. I recall the … Continue reading

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I found a new place to dwell: Woodchuck Motel

Perhaps you’ve seen it: Price of Progress? Changes in Weinland Park may chase away some residents. If not, take a look. The Dispatch‘s front page news yesterday was accompanied by some of the most recent drama in the saga that … Continue reading

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Snooping, Snapping, and Cynicism

Michelle and I stood alone in a sunny, open alley surrounded by a cartel of cats, a V.F.W. post, an auto shop, and an overgrown field. Overhead were power lines and a blue sky strewn with white paint strokes as she spoke … Continue reading

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Pink Lemonade on 2nd Ave.

As Eva and I explored the canyons of Sam’s Club searching for lemonade mix (not Crystal Light), bagged cookies, bagged pretzels, and ice, she gave me a rundown of the Sam’s layout and some of her favorite items to purchase … Continue reading

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Code Quest, City Test

As I’ve mentioned, these first few weeks are essentially preparing me for the meat of my summer here at Habitat. Researching allows me to get grounded in the field of urban development and understand the history of Habitat, the evolution of … Continue reading


“If this is numbing your mind…”

My days at Habitat are essentially filled with research. However, I’m spitting our reports on issues and institutions that I find fascinating, so it doesn’t feel much like work. My boss, Michelle, has been so wonderful to allow me to … Continue reading

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