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Last task: Say goodbye to everyone

Today was my last day at Alvis House, and it feels so strange to be leaving. I spent forty hours a week for ten weeks in this office and got to know a lot of interesting, funny, intelligent, and genuinely … Continue reading

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The incredible spirit of Columbus

Today was the final closing luncheon for the 2013 Fellowship, and I have to say: it was amazing. All of the Fellows had been giving each other updates on their projects and what they were experiencing at their organizations throughout … Continue reading

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Corrections focus group

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to conduct another focus group–this time with a few of the male corrections clients at one of the halfway houses. I was a little nervous when I first arrived and entered the room where the weekly … Continue reading

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Focus groups and flying time

Week 8 of the Fellowship is coming to an end, and I can’t believe how quickly timeis moving. It seems like just yesterday that I was nervously starting my new positionand trying to get a handle on the organization and … Continue reading

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Blurred lines

This week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a luncheon honoring Chuck Gehring, President and CEO of LifeCare Alliance. After mingling and doing a bit of networking with the other attendees, we finally sat down to eat … Continue reading

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Talkin’ ’bout my generation

The past week was another whirlwind of meetings and research. After attending the orientation sessions last month for new hires in the halfway houses, I decided to inquire about attending a few sessions this month for new DD hires. The … Continue reading

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Why the nonprofit sector is intriguing to a business student

In my last post, I brought up a point at the very end and said that I would speak on it the next time. Well that time has come, and so I bring you: What brought me here, why I … Continue reading

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