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The Road to Unexpected Change

I intended to get my final blog post up on August 4 – my final day at The Center for Balanced Living. However, with many goodbyes to say and good luck conversations with those who I have worked alongside for the … Continue reading

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My Most Memorable Week Yet!

Most of my days are fairly routine. I come in to my office at 8:30am and stay there until I leave at 4:30pm. Every so often, I will meet with my supervisor or make a stop in the front office to … Continue reading

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Moving Forward with Strategy

On Wednesday of this week, the nine fellows met for our final learning session. Although we were sad because these learning sessions are both fun and incredibly educational, it was exciting to hear how far everyone has come, what we have … Continue reading

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Senior Year As Told By Excel

This week, I was given the task to build a database of dietitians to market the nutrition app to (do you realize how many dietitians in the United States there are?!). This app will be starting internally at the end … Continue reading

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It’s not Greek to me

Yesterday, I was invited to sit in on a nutrition app development meeting. The app group from the Center has met with the technology firm previously but this was the first official action meeting to kick-off the six month creation process. … Continue reading

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Eternity Lies Within Each Moment

Every single day, I pass this quote. There are inspirational quotes painted on many of the walls at the Center but where my office is located, this is the only one I see every morning and evening when I come … Continue reading

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Culture, Redecorating and Education

I’m breaking down week four’s blog post into three categories: culture, redecorating and education. You probably already guessed that by the title. Anyways, let’s get to it! 1. Culture: In reference to company culture, not exactly the larger society. I … Continue reading

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