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About Ryan Max

I'm a Psychology undergraduate student at Miami University. I was assigned to create a blog on a topic about which I am passionate for a Journalism course. This was the result. Enjoy!

One More Try

I don’t know how many times I can sit down to almost write a blog post about Family Night at RELC.  I’ve written 3/4 of a post half a dozen times, but it never quite feels right, so I inevitably scrap … Continue reading

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As Promised…

Here’s a look into the office work that I’ve been doing this Summer in addition to playing with a group of amazing kids every day. One of my main objectives this summer has been scheduling special guests.  The exciting part … Continue reading

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Game Time

I want to take the time to write about all of the behind the scenes office work that I’ve been involved with and all of the great people that I work with that aren’t under the age of 14, but … Continue reading

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A Post All to Itself

Somehow, in the hustle and bustle that is the Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids and this blog that accompanies it, I have yet to talk about one of our most exciting events.  It truly is a travesty to … Continue reading

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Hitting Our Stride

It’s official.  Summer Camp is in full swing.  With this comes a lot of driving.  Driving between the three Summer Lunch sites, the SON Ministries office, our partnering churches and various businesses throughout Hilliard has brought me to appreciate my … Continue reading

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We’re three weeks into our nine week program and I’m no longer a visitor trying to keep my head above water in the sea of children, staff and activity that is my workplace.  Sure, I’m still trying to keep my … Continue reading

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What’s My Job?

Whew.  Let me take a minute to introduce myself and my organization.  I’m Ryan Max, a student at Miami University, and this Summer I am working as the Program Coordinator for SON Ministries’ Hilliard Free Summer Lunch for Kids.  In … Continue reading

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