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Wrapping it Up

As I get ready for my last “first day of school” on Wednesday, I can’t help but take a moment to reflect on the amazing journey I took this summer with the Columbus Foundation and Ohio Designer Craftsmen.  I started … Continue reading

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Head Honcho

So this week, after weeks of preparation, observation, and concentration…I’m in charge!  I’ve been helping with lots of things at camp, and taking over a lot of responsibilities, but this and next week the whole camp is on my shoulders.  … Continue reading

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Quiet.  The hallways are empty, the lights are low, the sounds of running feet are absent, and the chaos is paused for a brief moment.  Our week off from camp was a blissful reminder of the beauty of a quiet … Continue reading

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Finding (and Breaking) the Routine

The craziest thing about working at a camp is that it is essentially the same every day and every week.  It starts with morning sign-in and name tag drama (“I can’t find mine!” “Mine won’t stick!”), then a flurry of … Continue reading

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“Be an Apprentice!”

“Be an Apprentice” the theme of camp this week, but it really describes my experience for the whole summer.  At the Ohio Craft Museum and at the Columbus Foundation, I have learned so many new skills from the masters  around … Continue reading

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The Return of the Teens

For Week 5 of this fellowship, the teenagers came back to the museum for one more session of in depth workshops, learning new art techniques, and lots of fun!   For this round of workshops, we hosted teachers who taught “The … Continue reading

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Pet Projects and Progress

Whew!  Last week (Week 4) was the first week of Young Masters Camp, so it was time to see if all my prep work in the previous weeks was enough to keep us moving forward.  Well, I am happy to … Continue reading

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