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Reflecting on Roses

This weekend, I had the privilege of visiting Columbus’ esteemed Park of Roses. While visiting, I got to learn a bit of history about one of the city’s most celebrated landmarks. The Park of Roses, previously known as Whetstone Park, … Continue reading

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A Note to Perfectionists

This past week at the food pantry was probably my busiest yet! We had one day of in-pantry demos where clients could learn more about battling hypertension on a pantry diet, a farm market with additional demos on diversifying eating … Continue reading

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Get Well Soon

Although blogging about our experiences over the summer is a mandatory component of the Columbus Foundation Fellows program, reading the blogs of the other fellows technically is not. However, I suspect that all of us have happily done so anyway. … Continue reading

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Being Miss Independent is Easier for Some than Others

“I feel like we’ve created a culture of helplessness.” This remark came from a person who works at a non-profit organization largely supported by volunteers from low-income communities.  The person meant this as both a joke and a reflection of … Continue reading

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The Good Fight

It’s official! We’re more than half-way through our full but fleeting summer with the Columbus Foundation. However, I have very little time for nostalgia as there is still so much ahead!  One of the most exciting aspects of the non-profit … Continue reading

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Keep Moving!

Happy July, everybody! The beginning of the month marks the end of my first month at Broad Street as well as the pantry’s busiest month in history. Client visits are climbing rapidly, and in June alone the pantry served over … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Favorite: A Very Long Post Regarding A Very Complex Subject

The buzzword on my mind this week at the pantry is everyone’s favorite: privilege. Yes, privilege, the conversation topic that frequently incites discomfort but almost always re-shapes and progresses an individual’s understanding of themselves and the world they live in. … Continue reading

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