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I'm working with Local Matters to develop a food cooperative in the Near East Side of Columbus. My work primarily includes researching the rich history of the Near East Side and creating a document that outlines how to successfully establish a cooperative in a low-income area. This document is intended for use by communities around the country that may want to undertake a similar project. The staff at Local Matters have an incredible passion for this work, and they've successfully infected me with curiosity and motivation to see this project through!


Today’s my last day at the office as a Local Matters fellow! Tomorrow brings the final luncheon and all of our presentations that will enlighten everyone as to the incredible work that’s been going on this summer. I can’t wait … Continue reading

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Join the Festivities!

Local Foods Week is off to a great start! I volunteered at two fantastic events this past weekend. First was a large conglomeration of events at the Hills Market: a foodie spelling bee, the Hills farmers’ market, the grilled cheese … Continue reading

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Telling a Story

The main objective of the project I was given at Local Matters was to create a document telling the story of how the Near East Side Cooperative Market came to be. At first, I thought of this document as a … Continue reading

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Growing Matters

Last week was the week of shadowing. I had the opportunity to leave the office every morning to shadow a different Local Matters program. The most hands-on experience, by far, was shadowing the Growing Matters program on Thursday. Growing Matters’ … Continue reading

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Local Foods Week

Working for Local Matters has made me realize the breadth of the organization’s influence. There are so many arms within the organization that I can hardly believe it functions as smoothly as it does. As a result of the different … Continue reading

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Seeing order through the chaos

Last week, my supervisors checked in with me about my goals for the Fellowship. Although my largest goal is to see the co-op succeed, one of the reasons I applied to this Fellowship was to learn more about non-profit organizations … Continue reading

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Challenging Assumptions

Site selection for the Near East Side Cooperative Market (NESCM) has forced me to flip my thinking upside down. Instinctively, the first questions I had when looking at each space were, “is this space big enough?” or “is this space … Continue reading

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