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“I get told ‘I love you’, at least once a week.”

What has two thumbs, made over 300  name tags from scratch, fixed multiple bus crises, eaten a full vegan lunch, created a newsletter, sent out minutes of multiple meetings, helped stuff coolers in a small Honda, copied and laminated 128 … Continue reading

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My Summer Enhanced With Wright Choice

Leaving the house at 7am and knowing you won’t return until 8:30pm was a hard pill to swallow but I was determined to dedicated my summer to professional development. In addition to my fellow learning sessions and full time work of … Continue reading

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Godman Guild Community Partner of Surly Girl Saloon

One of the things I have noticed since I begin my fellowship with the Guild is that you can make professional connections EVERYWHERE. Being affiliated with a nonprofit allows you to meet many different kinds of people and gives you … Continue reading

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Acronyms and First Day Awkwardness

This summer I received the honor of being selected to be a part of the Columbus Foundation Summer Fellowship program. Originally, I was not selected to move beyond the application phase, but in late April, I received an email asking … Continue reading

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Where a Caterpillar Ends, a Butterfly Begins

This week marked the beginning of the end of my ten-week fellowship here at The National Center for Adoption Law and Policy. In addition to invaluable professional experience, I have also gained a far greater appreciation for attorneys and social workers … Continue reading

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Week 6 – A Very Productive One

My experience at Tech Corps is getting more and more exciting. I am enjoying a steep learning curve and a power to get things done my own. As part of the annual report that I am working on, I had … Continue reading

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Getting our Collaboration On!

Hello! So sorry for the delay in last week’s post! The reason this post is so late is because we have added a new member to our collaborative team! Leslie Strader works with the Mayor’s office and she is also working … Continue reading

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