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Treating Learning and Change as Continuums

Some of my recent blog posts have discussed my desire to make positive changes in both personal mindset and conduct. Last Thursday, another Fellow asked how I was doing with running my personal life like a nonprofit program. I was … Continue reading

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The Case for Running My Personal Life Like a Nonprofit Program

Originally, I was going to name this week’s blog “Waiting, Stuck in Transit” because that is how I felt about my situation at the beginning of week 6. I was in a period of transition, moving from the first half … Continue reading

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3 Tips for an Aspiring Nonprofit Professional

During our Week 4 Fellows Learning Session, we got to hear from a pair of nonprofit professionals in Columbus who have both recently entered the nonprofit sector. Oyauma Garrison was already well into his career when he switched from the … Continue reading

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The Value in My Work

In my first blog post, I sought to tell a bit of my personal story. I wanted to explain the connections between my varied experiences over the past few years to show where I have been and where I am … Continue reading

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Week 3: We’re glad you’re our neighbor

This week, I continued researching and talking with refugees to learn more about their home countries and how they came to the United States of America.  This job continues to be a humbling and enlightening experience. World Refugee Day was … Continue reading

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And another one’s gone..

“And another one’s gone. And another week bites the dust. Hey!” And what a week it has been! It makes complete sense how two weeks can fly by so quickly when you are working hard and purely enjoying what you … Continue reading

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A big Wednesday and a rainy summer

On Wednesday, we started off the morning at a Fellows Learning Session at the Columbus Foundation. Douglas Kridler, the President and CEO of The Columbus Foundation, spoke with us about all of the great things going for Columbus, including low … Continue reading

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