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Ask me about my fellowship!

The staff at Columbus United Way and Siemer (whom share a building) have been extremely friendly and welcoming. They have been giving me a crash course in the non-profit world and about the work they do ameliorate family homelessness and … Continue reading

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Treating Learning and Change as Continuums

Some of my recent blog posts have discussed my desire to make positive changes in both personal mindset and conduct. Last Thursday, another Fellow asked how I was doing with running my personal life like a nonprofit program. I was … Continue reading

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The Case for Running My Personal Life Like a Nonprofit Program

Originally, I was going to name this week’s blog “Waiting, Stuck in Transit” because that is how I felt about my situation at the beginning of week 6. I was in a period of transition, moving from the first half … Continue reading

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An exploration in Self-awareness

On not being an expert… There’s a lot to be said about someone’s willingness to admit they don’t know something. This topic that comes up often in the advice given by people in mid-to-late stages in their career. I hear … Continue reading

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3 Tips for an Aspiring Nonprofit Professional

During our Week 4 Fellows Learning Session, we got to hear from a pair of nonprofit professionals in Columbus who have both recently entered the nonprofit sector. Oyauma Garrison was already well into his career when he switched from the … Continue reading

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People over Profit

People over profit is a highly touted slogan that champions social enterprise ideology. It’s an aspirational one to follow, and one I have internalized very deeply. But today I wanted to talk about more than business models, I wanted to … Continue reading

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The Value in My Work

In my first blog post, I sought to tell a bit of my personal story. I wanted to explain the connections between my varied experiences over the past few years to show where I have been and where I am … Continue reading

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Sytems thinking and bending toward Justice

This past Wednesday the cohort had our first Fellow Learning Session at The Columbus Foundation. Our conversations centered on the theme of advocacy which stems from all social-issue-related nonprofit work. We had incredible speakers from the Juvenile Justice Coalition and … Continue reading

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This summer… I work for the Justice League!

My name is Bradley Petrella, and for the next ten weeks, I’m working for the nonprofit Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center (formerly the Justice League of Ohio) through the Columbus Foundation Fellowship. Continue reading

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A 3 Week Re-cap

Happy Friday everyone! Since you got to know myself and Besa a little bit better in my first post, I figured it was about time to share what I’ve been working on so far! In just 14 work days I … Continue reading

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