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Learning the ropes

Hello everyone! It is strange to think that the summer has just begun. In just one week I’ve been able to meet so many exceptional people that are passionate about what they do (other Summer Fellows, coworkers, and clients). There are … Continue reading

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Yellow Socks and Yellow Shoes

Last evening was the annual Family Night at SYEP camp held at Camp Mary Orton. Towards the end of camp, every camper’s family is invited to spend a fun evening experiencing some of the things their children do at camp. … Continue reading

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Did you ‘step on a crack and break your mother’s back?’

Honestly, the way that the summer has been playing out for the city of Columbus, people must be walking under ladders AND on cracked sidewalks. At the same time. Bad luck is on our horizons. (I seem to be unintentionally … Continue reading

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