Childhood League Center

Hello all,

My name is Max and I am currently a fellow with the Childhood League Center. So far, my experiences have been awesome. I was seeking this fellowship because I want to learn more about the ins and outs of nonprofits and how they are run. At the same time I wanted to give back to the community. The Childhood League Center is a nonprofit that is giving children with mental disabilities an equal opportunity to education. For every $1 you invest in these kids, we see a $17 return down the road!

My main responsibilities are to seek out new donors and I am currently helping the Childhood league center restructure there strategic management plan. Very cool and progressive things are happening and it is awesome to be a part of it!

Here is a link to the Childhood League Website if anybody wants some more info.



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Hello Everyone

Hi all! My name is Keely Buckley and I am the Columbus Foundation’s Fellow at Equitas Health (formerly AIDS Resource Center Ohio). I will working with their Development team on creating a new initiative for their annual AIDS Walk. This AIDS walk will take place in April and will be one of the biggest fundraisers for the organization.

Currently I am a senior attending The Ohio State University here in Columbus. I am a Psychology major with minors in Nonprofit Studies and History. I would love to pursue a career in the nonprofit field, hopefully in development or community engagement. In my free time I like to stay involved on campus. I am a part of Buckeyes for Life (raise awareness about organ and tissue donation), Gift of Life (campus ambassador for a bone marrow donor registry), Association of Fundraising Professionals, and Alpha Chi Omega. I stay pretty busy but I figure as long as it is all stuff that I enjoy doing, I will not regret it!

I am so excited to work with Equitas during this fellowship. They have recently changed names from AIDS Resource Center Ohio to Equitas Health to better encompass their focus on total health care. HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence anymore and the work that Equitas has done in the past and continues to do is a big reason why. They work primarily with the LGBTQ communities to give HIV/STI prevention materials, primary and specialized care, behavioral health, advocacy work and community initiatives.

The project I will be working on for this fellowship is a new initiative they want to add to the AIDS Walk. We will be adding in honor of/in remembrance of signs along the sides of the AIDS Walk for all three that happen in April (Central Columbus, Dayton, and Toledo) as well as trying to incorporate the name change of the walk for next year from AIDS Walk to A Future without HIV. I am very excited to be working on this project as it will give me a better sense of fundraising, development, and marketing/communications and how those all must work seamlessly together to create an effective project.

If you want to learn more about Equitas or the AIDS Walk please visit their website:



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Seeking Fellowship Applicants for Summer of 2017

The Columbus Foundation is currently seeking college or graduate students to fill Fellowships at a wide range of Franklin County nonprofit organizations.

The deadline to submit a student application online is Monday, December 12, 2016. To qualify for a Fellowship, applicants must be a college junior, senior, 2017 graduate or graduate student in the fall of 2017, and be a Franklin County high school graduate or pursuing a degree at a Franklin County college or university.

Selected students will be placed with a nonprofit for the length of the Fellowship Program, from June 5–August 11, 2017, and receive a stipend of $6,000. Highly desired qualifications for Fellows include a strong academic record (preferably a 3.0+ GPA) and strong verbal and written communications skills.

Further information:
Application & Process
Host Sites & Project Details

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Seeking Fundraising & Development Fellows

The Columbus Foundation is now accepting applications from eligible college seniors for the 2016-2017 Fundraising and Development Fellowship Program. This Fellowship serves to link students with meaningful experiences at five area nonprofit organizations. Projects have been selected to allow for the Fellow to have a meaningful contribution to the organization’s needs, while learning a substantial amount about the fundraising and development profession. Through a special partnership with the Central Ohio Association of Fundraising Professionals, Fellows will have access to exclusive networking, continuing education, and select AFP membership resources.

To be eligible for The Columbus Foundation Fundraising and Development Fellowship, the interested individual must be:

  • A college senior, graduating May/June 2017
  • Enrolled in an accredited central Ohio college or university and be in good academic standing, with competitive credentials
  • Interested in the nonprofit sector and fundraising and development

Students should submit their application by Noon on Friday September 30, 2016.

We encourage applicants read the FAQs for further information on the Fundraising and Development Fellowship Program.

Potential host organizations and project details are below:

Organization Project Description
Childhood League Center


To support the development team through the creation and implementation of “Change Kids’ Lives” campaign, which will provide employees of corporations, students at targeted schools, and faith-based groups the opportunity to make a positive difference for the Childhood League Center by donating loose change.
Children’s Hunger Alliance


To support the development team with organizational goals of planning and executing the Menu of Hope luncheon; growing grant-related revenue by 15 percent; and expanding annual fund participation by 10 percent.
Columbus Metropolitan Library To support the development team with a mini-capital campaign dedicated to the Dublin library branch, through targeted outreach to individuals and corporations within Dublin. Specifically, development skills such as prospect research; creating recruitment materials for the campaign committee; planning a campaign committee kick-off event;  and drafting a case for support and working with marketing to develop related materials.
Equitas Health


To support the development team in creating new revenue through the opportunity for run/walk/ride participants to recognize a loved one with HIV through a specific honoring or memorial opportunity. This effort will culminate at the three large events held across Ohio in April.
Mid-Ohio Foodbank


To support the development team through research of funding sources that relate to specific programming, and through the creation of relevant stories and cases for support that would be tailored to individual, corporate, and foundation giving opportunities.

If you have additional questions, please contact Dan Sharpe .

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A Week Later…

Hello, hello! So, this is end. The final blog, the final pictures, the final witty (or so I thought) words for my summer. Let’s rewind a few days aallll the way back to August 5th.

Long story short, it was amazing and beautiful and just about everything went according to plan. Now, you may be thinking, “What Ana? What was so amazing?”. Well! The 6th Annual Youth Summit, of course! My final project, the one I had dedicated this summer to, was a complete success and everyone had a blast, adults included.

The morning session was dedicated to thanking all those who helped ETSS create this amazing day for the youth. To name a few, Ramona Reyes, Columbus Board of Education, Councilmember Shannon Hardin, City of Columbus, Dr. Cimbolic, ODU, and many more. To keep the youth involved, I had been going to each site and practicing with 2 selected youth the week of. These selected youth were to speak during the morning session, whether it was introducing a key person, or thanking a sponsor, they all did wonderful and I was/am so proud of them! After the morning session, I was able to help everyone set up for lunch before leaving.

I ran over to the Columbus Foundation and gave my presentation on my summer. It was a nice break to the day and it was great to give a quick run down of all the great projects I had been able to be a part of during the summer with ETSS. After that, I ran back over to ODU (where the Youth Summit’s afternoon session was beginning). For this part of the day, the youth were to be outside from about 12:30pm to 2:30pm. In the past the heat had been a huge factor and discomfort. So! For this year, I made sure to have tents, and water jugs to make the heat bearable. I was able to acquire 4 tents for the youth, 1 giant tent for the DJ and about 8, 5 gallon water jugs. By the end of the day, the youth were throwing water at each other, safe to say we had enough water for them to drink and more, haha. The last event was for the 4 sites to perform their cultural dance and/or song. Peep some pictures below.🙂

All in all, this summer was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. I never felt like I was working (except when I did haha) and I never thought twice about staying and extra hour or so to make sure things turned out perfect. I’ve completely fallen in love with this organized and will be returning to work for the after-school program they provide. It’s so crazy a few months ago I didn’t even know ETSS existed and now they’ve sucked me in. And none of it would have been possible with the Columbus Foundation and this fellowship! A million, “Thank you”‘s to everyone who helps make this program possible and never, ever end it!

BTW, check out ETSS for more pictures and future events.🙂

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The Final Blog

Well, this is it.

My time as a Columbus Foundation Fellow has officially come to an end, and with that, I think it’s only fair that I reflect a bit on my experiences, in the form of a little list:

  1. Don’t be afraid to take on more responsibilities. As an intern, it was difficult for me to find my place within an already tight-knit workplace. But the more people I reached out to, the more friendly faces I created around me, and the more diverse experiences I gained. Asking for more work felt awkward at first, but paid off a thousandfold in the end. If you’re a future Fellow and you’re reading this post–DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT ASKING FOR MORE WORK!
  2. Enjoy the journey. As a rising junior at Ohio State, I’d be the first to admit that I often get very caught up in thinking about “what’s next?!” I often find myself trying to figure out how to best check all the figurative boxes in my life. But this summer, I realized the importance of just taking a step back to really enjoy all the small amazing moments that occur every day. It makes you feel way more satisfied if you focus on what makes you happy each day rather than worrying about what you’ll be doing tomorrow, or how you’ll fix that issue that might pop up in a few weeks.
  3. Learn as many new things as you can. Before this summer, I was the friend who calls you when you’re studying at the library because I can’t figure out how to work the TV remote. Let’s just say that technology is… often not my friend. But this summer, I spent my time utterly surrounded by technology, conjuring up spreadsheets and working with Excel more than I ever thought possible. And it was FUN! Stepping out of my comfort zone made me learn that I actually do have skills in the computer realm, and I’m excited to pursue these more in the future.
  4. Be nice. One of KIPP’s most famous mottoes is “Work Hard. Be Nice.” While this is a great set of phrases to instill in young students, I think it’s also just a great mantra for everyone in life. Not only should you always give things your best try, but you should also focus on being a good person. It’s an invaluable trait to have in the workplace and just as a human being. And it absolutely shapes the culture at KIPP, where each person is both hardworking and kind, and the type of person you just want to be around.

I can’t believe the fellowship has ended, and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. Thank you so much to both the Columbus Foundation and KIPP Columbus for being incredibly welcoming, kind, and wonderful mentors, as well as to my fellow Fellows, a truly remarkable and inspiring set of women.

(Pictured below, some Faces of the Fellows from our final luncheon: Anna, Kerigan, myself, Katie, and Kathleen.)


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The Road to Unexpected Change

I intended to get my final blog post up on August 4 – my final day at The Center for Balanced Living. However, with many goodbyes to say and good luck conversations with those who I have worked alongside for the past ten weeks, I didn’t want to place this task before these relationships.


So then I intended to get this blog post up yesterday on August 5 – my final day as a Summer Fellow where we each presented in front of our co-workers, supervisors, Summer Fellowship advisors, a few selection committee members and other staff members from The Columbus Foundation.

But here I am, on August 6 (I am obviously having a hard time letting go (:) and can no longer call myself a Summer Fellow. As sad as that sounds and as sad as I am that this summer rapidly flew by, yesterday was as sweet as an ending as it could be. Waking up this morning in the period between that send-off and life’s next adventures, I am feeling thankful, confident and excited with a hefty dose of nostalgia.

We sat in the room where it all began but this time, the introductions between us fellows turned into introductions between us and leaders at their nonprofits as well as those at The Columbus Foundation who took time out of their day to listen to our summer journey. Being able to watch and laugh with (I may be referring to Demi and Kathleen’s selfies) these ladies as they shared their growth and achievements made me so thankful to have been surrounded by brilliant, hard working and encouraging women. This may sound overly cheesy but I was truly proud of each fellow, especially as I had a bit more insight on the challenges they faced and their day-to-day success stories from our learning sessions and excursions together.

In my presentation, I discussed a bit of history from the date I learned that I made it to the “second round”, my interview in January and the day when I found out I had been selected.   Looking back, I can only laugh at myself who thought I had a good grasp on what I wanted to do with my life after graduating from Otterbein. The 19th slide on my Pecha Kucha was dedicated to my (still pending) next step ahead. I am completing my majors in Health Communication and Public Relations but am highly considering getting my master’s in dietetics to become a registered dietitian.


If you told me that ten weeks ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. But ten action-packed weeks of personal and professional growth and new friends and mentors can truly change a person. Thank you to The Columbus Foundation and The Center for Balanced Living for instilling this change in me! This summer has easily been one of the best experiences of my life and the nonprofit sector and Columbus have stole my heart yet again.

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